Ionios School Library Regulation


Opening hours

Ionios School Library is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.


General rules

·         Users should keep quiet during their stay in the Library and do not disturb other users. Mobile phones should be switched to silent mode before entering the Library.

·         Food and drinks are not permitted inside the Library.

·         Users should keep the study area clean. Keeping the study area clean provides a better learning environment for everyone.

·         Users are requested to leave the books on the study table in order to avoid reshelving.

·         Computer game playing, installation and usage of software that may affect the computers of the Library are not allowed.

·         Library will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal belongings of users.



·         Every member of the school can use Library˘s resources and services.

·         Every member of the school has the right to borrow material providing they have a Library Card.

·         All items may be borrowed except reference material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals)




v  Students

Students may borrow up to 3 books for up to two weeks and can renew each book for a further two weeks, provided no one has placed a reservation on a book.


v  Teachers

Teachers may borrow ten books for one month.



Borrowed items should be returned on time.

Library books are for everyone and you should not keep them for a long time, in order to make them available for other users.

Take care of the library books, do not highlight or make notes on them.

Every lost or destroyed item should be replaced.